Become a Fairy


Fairy Dust
Container to hold dust
Coloring Materials


Will grow wings, no hate mail.

Spell Casting

First put fae dust in container, then coat your back with fairy/fae/pixie dust. Chant:



"Let me be a fairy, let me grow my (color of wings, any details) wings and fly up to (height of a limit, or say none) high, and I give you a picture of what I will look like, plus the height I'll be, (now draw you as a fairy, or just your wings, doesnt matter,) it's under my pillow for you, fae king and queen, to take."



Sprinkle bed with the rest of the dust, and slide under your pillow. Last, slide fae dust container under pillow. Best at full moon, and side effects are backaches and less cravings for meat, fairies are vegetarian. Wings could take up to 6 months, but imagine your wings, flapping on your back every nigh and day as much as you can and it will help to shorten time of growth.
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