Turn Into Any Animals that aren't Extinct


1 Picture of the Animal You Want to Be (One of the internet is fine)

1 Item that relates to your animal (Such as a chew toy)

1 picture of a human

1 item that relates to a human (such as a fork. Animals don't use forks)


You can turn into an animal and turn back into a human.

Spell Casting

To turn into an animal you must follow these steps: Take the picture of the animal and place it beside you Hold the item that relates to your animal in your hand while you recite the spell On verse one, in the blank you must say your name On verse three in the blanks you must describe your animal (example: Loving,Furry, Purring) On verse four in the blank you must say what animal you want to be
My name is _______ and I will be
The animal I was always meant to be
The ________, ________, and _________ creature
Known as a __________
----------------------------- To turn back into a human again remove the photo from from your side and don't hold the item in your hand anymore and think this in your head:
My name is _________ and I will be
The wonderful ________(Woman or Man) I used to be
With only two hands and only two feet
Who stands strait and tall that are made of human meat

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