First Impression


1 Whole Orange
4 Tablespoons of Vanilla Extract
8 Rose Petals


Prepping for a job interview? Nervous about meeting your new love's parents? First day on a new job and you want to click with co-workers,first day of school? Whatever the situation, you always want to make a good first impression. After all, it's the only time you will

Spell Casting

Cut the orange into 4 pieces. Run yourself a bath. Place the orange pieces, vanilla extract & rose petals into your bath then get in! Close your eyes, inhale the aroma & chant:

"The first time you see me
I can do no wrong
To you I am perfect
My name is your song
Youll always remember
When we first met
As the day you realized
Im the best you can get
This spell is true
And harms no one
As I will it
It is done"

Imagine the person you are meeting for the first time and repeat the chant as if you were saying these words directly to them. You may do this several times until you feel confident that you will make a great first impression!
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