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Sometimes you need a little help being accepted. Perform these spells to increase your popularity times three at school, work, or in your social life.

Spell Casting

I know it's long but it's worth it


Making friends is not always easy. We all spend so much time just trying to be accepted by everyone, anyone actually, that we sometimes lose who we really are in the process. Wouldn't it be great if you could always be one hundred percent who you are without the worry of totally embarrassing yourself. Yes, yes, I do believe that you should not care what others think but keep in mind that it only takes mere seconds for someone to decide whether or not they like you. Sometimes you need more time to make a good first, second, or third impression, for instance, when trying to land a new client, or you want to catch the eye of a hottie whom you 'run' in to at the coffee shop every Saturday. Whether you are attending a new school, starting a new job or just want to increase your circle of friends then these are the spells you to perform.

To Increase Your Confidence

What You Need:
1 Gold Candle
3 Yellow Candles

The type and size of candle does not matter.

Carve your name into the Gold Candle as this represents you.

Place the candles (unlit) to form a diamond shape with the Gold Candle closet to you between you and the mirror.

As you are lighting the candles chant:

I am here
For all to see
The Divine’s strength
Encircles me
We are one
With poise galore
Forever more
This spell is true
And harms no one
As I will it
It is done

Once candles are lit, close your eyes and repeat the chant while looking at yourself in the mirror and imagine yourself being confident and so you shall be!

CAUTION: Be very careful when using fire!!!!
*Do Not Leave Burning Candles Unattended*


Melting Chocolate
Coconut Flakes
Maraschino Cherries
Wax Paper

This is one of my favorites because it’s fun to make and tastes so good!
The amount of ingredients depends on how much of this you want to make. Find melting chocolate at your local candy making supply store and follow their directions to melt.
Lay the wax paper flat and put dollops of melted chocolate. Sprinkle coconut flakes over the chocolate dollops then add a cherry to each.

While doing so, chant:

With each gentle touch
I charm these treats
To gain acceptance
From those received
With each of these
I begin anew
Acceptance, trust and

Friendships so true
This spell is true
And harms no one
As I will it
It is done

Now, put the treats in the fridge and give them out when needed!
Take a plate to work, or an event, or a family function, etc. No one will know they are enchanted treats! Everyone will love them, and you. Remember to eat one or two yourself, no one will accept you until you accept yourself.

What You Need:

1 White candle
1 Teaspoon of Sunflower Seeds
1 Teaspoon of Brazil Nuts
1 Teaspoon of Parsley
4 Teaspoons of Honey

Grind & mix the Sunflower Seeds, Brazil Nuts and Parsley into a powder. Carve your name into the White Candle. Roll the candle in the Honey then roll it in the powder mixture. Light the candle and chant:

All are drawn
Inevitably to me
My popularity increases
By the Power of 3
This spell is true
And harms no one
As I will it
It is done

Repeat this 3 more times then thank the Divine and blow out the candle. Repeat this every day until the candle is completely melted.
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