Wish Spell


Bay Leaves
Magic Marker
Full Moon


Make Your Wishes Come True

Spell Casting

Takes as many bay leaves as you have wishes. Use the marker to write your wishes on the bay leaves. On the night of a full moon, stand outside and hold the bay leaves up as high as you can.


"My wishes fly
Into the night
Empowered by
The full moonlight
By morning when
The sun does shine
My wishes are granted
By the Divine
This spell is true
And harms no one
As I will it
It is done."

Now let the wind take your wishes (bay leaves) to The Divine. Tomorrow will be a good day! Envision your wishes coming true. Feel the happiness you will feel when they do come true. Hold that feeling of happiness in your heart.

Note: Do not get too greedy. Asking for more than you need will get you nothing! Also remember, that too many wishes at once will weaken the strength of each wish. Keep your number of requests to a minimum to increase the strength!

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