Shadow Circle


Perhaps an Athame.


Your first needed technique to unleash the Wrath of Darkness.

Spell Casting

This form of circle casting is one I have created on my own terms, and is quite different form the modern day Wiccan or Pagan Circle Castings. As with most, You may use an athame if ABSOLUTELY necessary, but it is far more efficient to do so mentally.

Envision the energies of Shadows flowing around you, and vividly visualize the Shadowy cretaures clawing and scratching at you. If you are utilizing the Athame, then direct the circle with the Blade in your Recessive hand

As the Shadows Whirl around your form, feel the pressure growing greater around you, and more and more shdow energy compressing together. Feel the cold and icy tempurature of the Abyss of whence they arose flowing around you and brushing your skin.

As the shadows close in, even tighter, until they just brush your body, Feel them Explode into a six to nine foot circle around you, blocking out hte light form all outside viewers(if you can visualize that.) The Athame should be in your Projective hand at ther point of Explosion. This is your Shadow Circle. It may be small, but do not underestimate ther enrgies you have conjured here.

To close the circle, simply cut with the athame if you utilize it. For more experienced users, You can draw the energies into yourself if strong enough, or you can direct them back to their darkened depths:) This circle can also be used a s an ultimate form of protection if the shadows have come to trust you.
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