Bring a Desired Love to You


Red candle
Rose quartz
Full moon
Sandlewood incense


A love spell without messing with freewill.

Spell Casting

Write your desired's name on a piece of paper and underneith that, you name. Use full names. Place the paper infront of the incense with the rose quartz on it. Close your eyes and visualize the chances of you two coming together.

Chant three times: "Goddess of love, hear my plea. I intend not mess with freewill but bring the chances to me. The chance to be the lover of _(desired's name)_ in perfect love and harmonty. On the power of three times three, this my will, so mote it be."

Let the candle burn itself out and the next day, bury the paper and the left over candle in the dirt. Make sure they're burried together.
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