The Spell of Revelation


Magician's circle
Round, circular altar
Photograph/hair of the wicked
3 purple candles (Empowerment)
3 white candles (Truth)
Pot with small fire inside
Wand (One per person)
OPTIONAL: Wax figure of a human


To reveal the true nature of a wicked person. (Perhaps a bully at your school/workplace who gets away with everything)

Spell Casting

---Beginning Preparations---
1. Set up the magician's circle.
2. Place a round table at the center of the circle.
3. Place the photograph/hair in the center of the table.
4. If using a hair, you may mold it into a wax figure of human.
5. Place the pot with the fire burning behind the image, if it will burn the table, place it on the ground or on a stand that is fire-proof.
6. surround the pot of fire and waxen image/photograph with the white and purple candles(Perhaps anointing them before use) alternating between white and purple, forming a hexagon. Do not put the candles so close to the pot to make them melt.
---The Ritual---
1. Light the candles.
2. Link hands around the table if there is more then one of you.
3. Recite an invocation to an ancient god or goddess of war, the invocation is your choice. Perhaps instead invoking the God Mars.
4. After the invocation, release your hands.
5. Each caster takes out a wand, aims it at the figure or photograph, and chants this:

"We see thy actions, wicked one! Thou have caused pain to come to the innocent! Thou have caused pain and suffering without justice! We curse thee that thou will show thy shame and evil for all to see! Take a life, thou won't. So mote it be!"

6. The candles are burnt out, and the item burnt, thoroughly.
7. The circle is banished, and the ashes of the item, if any, are scattered to the wind.

I have not yet tested this spell myself, but I am fairly optimistic it will work. However, I can not guarantee HOW it will work; that is, how the wicked one will be revealed in the end. The candles should burn down to at least halfway before the spell is complete; if you have to make sure this occurs, either repeat the incantation provided or, as an optional step, have all of the casters, including yourself, walk in a circle around the table in a clockwise direction for a few minutes, thus letting the candles burn down and heightening the spell's power.

You should use Oak, basswood, or apple wood wands.
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