Improve Emotions


Cast Circle
Yellow or Red candle
Charge the candle with your intent (Emotional Improvement)
Invoke your chosen deity
Stones to amplify energies e.g Red Jasper and Hematite
Herbs: Pepper to give that kick :P


To improve your emotions after a breakup, argument or even death. Anything you can think off.

Spell Casting

Mediate to gather your energy, cast your circle, charge a yellow or red candle with your intent (emotional improvement).
Invoke your deity
Use these stones to amplify the energies, Quartz Crystal, Red Jasper and Hematite.
Dress your candle with the herb: Pepper.
Light the candle and visualize that your goal is achieved within the flame or your head or however you visualize.


"Upon this blessed night
I ask for the God/dess (Name)
might, Great God/dess hear my plea
Courage from you is what I seek.
To expel my feelings of depression and stress
is what I ask of you. Fill my heart
with confidence, pride and happiness.
This is my plea so mote it be"

Thank your deity when the spell has been completed

Notes: This spell does work I have used it on myself a numerous
amount of times and for other people.
Enjoy my friends and Blessed Be. )O(
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