Curse of War


1 wooden altar
1 altar bowl
1 Azahran’s Awakening
4 white candles
1 small red candle
1 small yellow candle
1 small green candle
1 small blue candle
1 athame
1 map of the world
1 stool


This one is just for you doomsday nut cases. I have used this one myself and it does make wars worse.

Spell Casting


The altar should face north. Place the altar bowl on the center of the altar. Place the yellow candle behind the altar bowl. The red candle goes in front of the altar bowl. Place the blue candle to the left and the green candle on the right side of the altar bowl. Place the athame and map on the right side of the altar. Place the white candles at the quarters around the ritual circle. Have a stool handy. Now it is time to step into the circle.

Stand tall and hold the athame high. Visualize the energy of the cosmos striking the athame and going into your body, charging you up. Fill yourself with this energy and hold it inside yourself.

Lower your arm so that the athame is pointing straight. Speak the line of incantation and draw in the energy of the element in that direction and light the candle on the altar in that same direction to the altar bowl. Turn clockwise to the next direction, do the same thing until you are back facing north.

Sit on the stool; close your eyes and just quiet your mind and allow your thoughts to go without paying attention to any one of them. Open your eyes and make the request for protection and once again quiet your mind and allow yourself to feel the presence of your guides and protectors.

Stand and face the corresponding walls when you call the seals. Hold the athame over your chest with your right hand. The blade should be pointing up. Once you feel their presence, it is time to light the candles around the circle, starting with the north going east, south and west.

Fill your heart with raging hate and use the hate through the entire ritual. Fill your mind with images of death and all the ways they could die. Place the emotions of hate and malice into the world. Send into their minds, all the hate you know and cause despair to spread.

Allow the energy left over return to their sources. Burn the Azahrans Awakening. In the reverse manner with the athame, you now return the energy you have left over and put out the candles in the reverse order in which they were lit. Now that the curse is done, you can now leave the magic circle. Wait until the following morning to clean up the materials and put away the tools.


"Hear my voice! I call upon the guardians to protect me in radiant white light. By the powers of the elements I shall be safe here. Earth! I ask for your strength! Wind! I ask for your wisdom! Fire! I ask for your vitality! Water! I ask for your tenacity!

I take of this energy and ask that is it blessed to protect me on my journey into the Unseen Realm. I call down the power of my soul and of the gods that are loving and protective of me to protect my ritual ground, because evil will be summoned here. By the will of the gods and my personal guardians I ask that I be safe for all times.

Earth, Element of the North Wall be sealed. Wind, Element of the East Wall be sealed. Fire, Element of the South Wall be sealed. Water, Element of the West Wall be sealed. Spirit the binding force of evil, watch the seals placed here.

In the name of Jakoba, the God of War and Death. Jakoba in the killing fields, hear me! I ask you to send your glory into battle and send demons into the armies of my whole world. Possess them and take them.

Send the Ancients your raging temper! Bring to them corruption. Touch the wars of my world. Touch them all! Take them one by one! Take them into your madness. Slay them and bury them deep.

No one will love them. No one will pray for them. Their prayers shall fall on deaf ears. Kill the armies and spread war across my world.

By the power of my authority I open this circle and release the guardians from my command. Water! I release your power from my circle! Fire! I release your power from my circle! Wind! I release you power from my circle! Earth! I release you power from my circle! Hail Jakoba the God of War."
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