Using Nature for Wind


Optional* Wand, Pentagram
Optional* Elemental garments


How to practice Elemental Magic: Using Nature for the Wind.

Spell Casting

Explanation: The Ingredients.
Your hands are what will help you, Yes you can do Elemental magic with your eyes, mind and so on but If you are a beginner, Use your hands.

Concentration Is very Important as elemental magic Is mostly based on willpower.

Nature Is what we will use to create Air/Wind.

As for the Wand, Pentagram and Elemental garments. These are SOLELY for people who can practice magic better with these Items. So If you feel the need to use a wand, pentagram or anything else, Do so.

Wave your hands and focus on the nature around you, Start by a single tree or plant. Imagine It moving, Even a little bit Is good.

Practice this until you find you can summon more powerful winds but be respectful of nature and do not make It work too hard. They will not obey you If you abuse their power.
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