Chant of a Demonic Slasher


1 Large Black Candle


This chant will summon a demon to attack and rip apart your victim. This chant takes a lot of energy to manifest unless your home is already cursed and has a Gates of Kurane Sigil in the room where the chant takes place.

Spell Casting

(1) This ritual should be done sitting at a table. Place the black candle in front of you about 1 ½ feet to 2 feet away and light the candle.
(2) Meditate heavily on the words of this chant and chant it as many times as you can before you black out from exertion. Yell this as loud as you can. Let your head fade into dizziness and let the evil take over you. Make sure to pronounce the "be ke kopot" parts properly. All vowel sounds are used like it "bet" "pot".
(3) Yell this line out as if you are very angry.



"Bé ké Kópot!
Die! Die! Die! I want a demon to rip you up (name)! Be gone! Be dead! I hope a demon rips you to pieces!
Bé ké Kópot!"
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