Angel of Fires Chant


1 red candle


Use this chant to gain the attributes of the Element of Fire. The power of this angel will bring you vitality as strong as it will bring you hatred. This chant will raise your hatred, so using this too much can lead to problems. The affects will fade within a few days.

Spell Casting


  1.  Sit in a quiet place with the red candle lit and open your heart to the powers of the Element of Fire and all that it represents.
  2. Yell this repeating part and take in the energy of the angels.
  3. With the chant done, you will notice a change in your personality. With each use of this chant you will notice even greater changes.

"Angel of Fire I invoke your awesome might to give me your power and blessings! Power of Fire with vitality and hatred, bless me great! Angel of Vitality, facet of Fire, give me your power! Angel of Hatred, facet of Fire, give me your Power! The great power of the Angel of Fire come in to me and bless me."
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