A Mermaid Spell (Girls Only)


1. Your Favorite Necklace
2. Perfume or Body Mist (representing scent)
3. One Blue Candle (representing water power) One Red Candle (representing fire power) One White Candle (representing air power) and One Green Candle (representing earth power)
4. Ocean Sounds Playing in the Background (representing voice)
5. Strong Belief


This is my very first spell, I do not know if it works. Feel free to message me about side affects, ect. You will get elemental powers with this spell, you will get a beautiful singing voice, and you will get a nice scent

Spell Casting

Take the blue candle and place it in front of you, take the red candle and place it on the right side of you, take the white candle and place it behind you, and take the green candle and place it on the left side of you. Next, light the candles. Take the perfume or body mist and spray some on you, it does not matter where you spray it, nor how much. Take the necklace and put it on. Make sure that there is ocean sound playing in the background. Chant this five times: Goddess of the Sea, oh, hear my plea! Send a Mermaid Tail to Me! Make all the boys fall for Me! Send Water, Fire, Air and Earth control to this body! Make me smell like the perfume I always wanted! Oh, Goddess of the Sea, will you hear my plea? After you chant the spell, blow out the candles in order (blow the blue out first, blow the red out second, blow the white out third, and blow the green out fourth) Do not touch water for the rest of the day. That morning, you should have your mermaid tail. Happy Swimming!
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