Vampire Tranformation (really works)


Black cloth (long enough to wear)
Full moon
Loud voice
Night time
(You cant control if its out that night but recomened for better results) A slight breeze


This spell will turn you into a vampire

Spell Casting

First get a piece of black cloth and drape it over urself to make it like a cloack, then go outside alone (make sure the full moon is out). Sit somwhere (if there is a breeze) were u can feel it the best, but if there is no breeze just sit were it is most comfortable for you. Sit there with your eyes closed for a few mintues thinking about how you wish with all your heart to be a vampire. Once your have done that opens your eyes and chant this 10× "Blood red, pale skin, moonlight draw me in. Quench my thrist, coursing my veins, let me body feel no pain.". After this try to feel the darkness seeping into you and making you a vampire for 3 minutes, then you are done. But if there is a breeze sit for 5 minutes (breeze makes it easier to feel the darkness) then after this you are done. Good luck :)

Side affects:
Fang teeth will get sharper and longer.
Will hate the light and want to be in the dark most the time.
Will not be able to swim in water without extreme pain.
Will be much stronger.
Can run at 40 MPH.
Have much stronger sences.
A wanting to drink blood alot.
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