Fear Banishment


Faith in the spell
One white candle
One piece paper
Pencil (or anyother writing utinsel)


This spell will banish any and all of your fears if you want it to with all your heart

Spell Casting

First go into a room and close the door, get a peice of paper and write your fears on it. Then light the white candle and place it were u can acess it easily. Once you have writen down your fears and lighten the candle chant this 10× "Fear gone, fear vanish. Fear that is within now banished!". After you have chanted this fold the paper in half twice, then hold it over the candle's flame so that the paper burns (just be carful not to burn your fingers). After all of this is done extinguish the candle's flame.

Side affects:
A sence of power and having no fear
Slight tingling (will stop within the first 5-30 minutes of having casted the spell)
Complete peace

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