Friday The 13th


10 Red Candles
10 Black Candles
10 White Candles
Horus Amulet
Jade Necklace
2 Papers (White and Red)
Paint (Red)


Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. Use this spell to give someone bad luck.

Spell Casting

Draw a pentagram with your paint and draw the symbols of the 4 elements of nature. After you draw the elements, be sure to draw the symbol of unity/balance.

Place 10 Red Candles on the inner part of the pentagram. Place 10 White Candles on the End Lines of the circle of the pentagram. Place 10 Black Candles on the outer part of the pentagram.

After that Hold your Horus Amulet and wear your jade necklace. Write things that you want to banish and things that you want to keep. Write things that you want to banish on the red paper. Write things that you want to keep on the white paper. After that, chant this spell:

"Excitate Vos E Somno Liberi Mei Cunae Sunt Non
Liberi Fatali Somnos Est Non
Surgite Inventite Veni Hortum Veritatis
Horti Verna Veritatis
Viebus Fatalibus"
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