Element finding spell


A candle (any color)
2 cups or bowls
A match or lighter
A totally dark room or closet
Another person
Still air


If you do not know what your element is try this spell :)

Spell Casting

This spell is for finding what element you are.

Fire- take a candle and light it, move your hands around it slowly side to side up and down. If you are able to move the fire then fire is your element.

Water- fill the first bowl or cup with water and stick your hands into it, it may take a minute but if your element is water then you will not feel the water anymore.

Earth- take the second bowl of water and put some dirt in it. Stick your hands in the dirt, if they come out clean your element is earth.

Air- walk outside if there is no wind, look up at the clouds, if you feel a gust of wind (even a tiny one) air is your element.

Darkness- go into a totally dark closet or room, look around, if you are able to see and identify objects in the dark by looking at them then darkness is your element.

Spirit- look into someone's eyes, if you see past their eyes and you see colors flashing or moving around then spirit is your element.

Lightning- look into the sky at night look at the stars, if you see a flash of light then lightning is your element.

It is very rare to have 2 elements, I am darkness and water, but it is not usual. Anyway I hope this helps you discover what element you are :)
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