Get A Job


A candle, preferably green
A penny, piece of copper, quartz, or anything else to be a charm
A boline, terminated quartz crystal, or something else for carving


This is a spell to help you get a job.

Spell Casting

Cast a circle. Carve the rune for wealth into the candle and light it. Meditate on your intentions and charge the candle with power. Then take the item to be made into a charm in your dominant hand and whisper to it exactly what you want. Then, pass the charm quickly through the flame and speak the following words:

"By the power of charm and fire
I draw to me what I desire
Prosperity I seek to gain
Employment I will soon attain"

Imagine getting a job as clearly as you can. Visualize it with perfect clarity and focus your will on making it happen. Keep the charm with you until you become employed.
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