Spell To Stay Awake


A candle (yellow is best, because it symbolizes mental powers)


If you need to stay up late to do something that cannot wait, try this spell.

Spell Casting

Cast a circle and light the candle on your altar. Visualize its light filling you with bright energy. If you like, you can also draw energy from the Earth by grounding. Instead of letting your energy flow into the Earth, take some of the Earth’s energy into yourself. As you watch the candle burn, chant the following incantation:
"By this candle burning bright
I ask to stay awake tonight
The brightness of this flame I’ll keep
To make sure that I will not sleep"
Be sure that your candle is large enough so that it will not burn down before you’re ready to go to sleep. If it does go out, then simply repeat the spell with another candle. If possible, do what you’re staying awake to do within your circle. If you must, you can carry the candle somewhere else and visualize your circle moving with you. When you are ready to go to sleep, put out the candle and say:
"Although I stayed up late tonight
When morning comes, I’ll be alright
And when it’s time, I ask I may
Wake up alert to greet the day"
Ground any extra energy, close your circle, and then go to sleep.
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