New Moon Love


A red heart of new red crepe paper or card
A wild rose with heart shaped petals
A clean sheet of white paper
A pen no one else has used


By the time the moon is new again, there should be new love in your life.

Spell Casting

On the night of the new moon, write on it this incantation:

"As this heart glows in candlelight, I draw new love to me tonight."

Then bathe and change into night clothes. When you're ready, light a red candle and read the spell aloud. Hold the heart in front of the flame and let the candlelight shine upon it. Visualize it glowing with loving, magnetic energy that will draw love into your life.

Then place the heart and spell in a new envelope and seal it with wax from the candle. Conceal the envelope and leave it undisturbed for one cycle of the moon.
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