Emergency and Easiest Banishing


One banishing oil from a botanica or Curandero


This will keep all of your enemies from hurting you. I just started using this oil as a protection spell, too. If you feel like you are dieing, use this spell to keep whoever is making you feel bad move to another city or simply stop thinking about you.

Spell Casting

Put some of the oil on you and meditate on it saying, "oil I need you to banish(keep away) x,y, and z enemies.

You can also say with your voice, "I need you to banish whoever is doing me harm at the moment, forever." This should work.

For incence just light up the insence and say with your voice or meditate, whichever you believe in the most, "This is to banish "say the name of the person."

One thing you can add to this is a spell for faith for this from a botanica. Just ask for a candle for faith. Usually the spell is "El Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Cristo." It is Santeria so sorry for the Jesus part. This spell adds faith for you. Make sure you buy it prepared, just say "prepahdough por favor." It should be around ten bucks. Teleport to Los Milagros Botanica in Chicago and they have it for like $5 USD. 

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