Feather - represent colour of wings
Symbol of angel, fairy or butterfly
Large open space - outside
Windy day


How to get wings - doesn't work if you are a mermaid.

Spell Casting

Go outside and bring with you the feather and the symbol of an angel, fairy or a butterfly. Remember, it has to be a windy day. Go to the large space and chant five times:

Dear angels, fairies, butterfly's galore, I want to fly just like you. Please make my wish come true.

Remember to chant that five times. This spell works better when the moon is a waxing moon. You will know if the spell has worked because after 3 days, you will see feathers dropping near you. After a further 4 days (after a whole week of performing the spell) your wings should be spread out on your bed when you wake up.

This spell might not work every time, however, it has worked before.
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