Disable a Machine




This spell I got from Elf Realm: The Low Road by Daniel Kirk. It will disable a machine.

Spell Casting

Circle around the machine at midnight and hold hands. The leader says, "I, (name of leader), Mage of (name of town), Mistress of the portents of Good, which are as the trunk and branches of my Soul, have turned toward thee. How I have established thee! How my grateful tears have nourished your roots. How highly I have sung your praises! In the name of the mulberry, the beech, and the tulip, in the name of the locust, ash, and witch hazel, in the name of the hemlock, larch, and box elder, in the name of the pine, the maple, and the oak, may you heed my cry! in the name of the eyes, the ears, the heart, the tongue, and body, may you deal graciously with me.

Great spirits of heaven and earth I beseech thee, All praises be sung in thy name, May you stand in our midst with the strength of the sun, In a glittering halo of fire. We bow to your wisdom, and pray you may grant The fulfillment our sole desire, And yield command of the transmuting flame, Your unquenchable cauldron of fire. May you grant us one orb of devouring heat, An inferno whose radiance you feed, And quicken the white-hot combustion inside, Like the life force that stirs in a seed. May this spark be exalted in pure incandescence, May you grant us one power this night, May you lift up the veil of your luminous world In one searing pinpoint of light."

Everyone chants, "bring down, bring down, one coal from your furnace" over and over until a white-hot ball of fire to hover in the air. When you do, silently chant, "Close this window, enlighten this fire, Unyoke its power in desire To place such might in our hands, And yield to our demands."When it combusts on the cab, you are done. Problem solved!

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