The Walnut of Wishes Spell


A Small Candle (Recommended to be the color relating to your wish)

A small slip of paper

Your favorite pen

A walnut


This spell can grant you a wish of something you truly need; through the use of a small walnut.

Spell Casting

Step 1:
Setup your altar.

Step 2:
Sit calmly, close your eyes,
and think about the wish you'd
like to come true.

Don't get too greedy here. Look
inside yourself and pick the one
thing that would make the most
difference in your life that
is entirely in the realm of

Step 3:
Use an athame (or butter
knife, whatever is availible to you.)
to carve your wish into
the candle. Include any symbols
that relate to your wish.

(If it's extra money, or a
job you're looking for, include
a dollar symbol... if it's in the
realm of love, include a heart

Step 4:
Light your candle.

Step 5:
Write out your wish
completely on your tiny slip
of paper. Be brief, but
thorough. (Basically, make it fit.)

Step 6:
Crack your walnut open without
breaking the shells. This may
take a few tries. Try to find
a walnut that has an open slit
along the seam, and use your
athame (or butter knife) to
seperate the shells.

Step 7:
If you're not allergic
to walnuts, eat the walnut.

As you chew it, close your eyes
and visualize your wish coming
true. How will it feel?

Step 8:
Fold your piece of paper
and slip it inside the walnut

Step 9:
Drip candle wax around
the edges of the shells and use
the wax to seal the walnut shut,
with your piece of paper safely

(Be careful, the wax is hot. You'll
need to hold the shells together
and blow on the wax to cool and
seal. Try not to get the wax inside the shells either.)

Step 10:
Open your circle and bury
the walnut outside under your
favorite tree nearby your home.

Your wish will grow to into fruition.
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