Negativity Be Gone Spell


A Quartz Crystal (Preferably Smokey)
A Pen
Your Bed


This is a spell used for getting rid of any negative thoughts or energies within you, just before you go off to sleep.

Spell Casting

Step 1:
When you are about to go to bed,
sit quietly holding the quartz and think of any old pains,
anger, depression and difficulties you had
in your life.

Step 2:
Put aside the quartz for the moment
and write down on the paper each thing you
have just thought about. Be detailed if you wish.

Step 3:
Pass the quartz three times over
your bed to absorb any negativity, in the
sign of infinity. (The sideways "8" over
your bed.)

Step 4:
Wrap the paper around the quartz and
place it under your pillow with the intent
that it will help you overcome your pain
and hurt.

Step 5:
Go to sleep, and when you wake up,
remove the paper and dispose of it by tearing
it up and burying it in the ground away from
your home.

Step 6:
Clean/cleanse the quartz under running
water and keep it until you need it again.

If you're using smokey quartz, you
can leave it on a windowsill to repel
negative energy coming towards you from
outside. This is a form of protection
Magic that can keep you safe.
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