Half Dragon


3 big flat rocks


Become half human, half dragon.

Spell Casting

First you need to dig a hole. Second, you put your dragon name initials on the rocks, 1st initial, middle name initial, and last name initial. Then put the rocks in the hole like this, side ways, :- , 2 on the top ( 1st name and middle name) 1 on the bottom ( last name).

Now put your fingers on the rocks like this, " .." , the quotation marks are your index finger and your middle finger on each hand. The periods are your thumbs. Put the, "quotation marks" on the top two rocks, one "quotation Mark" on each rock. Then put the "periods" , touch them together, then put them on the last name initial rock.

Close your eyes and picture yourself. Then picture yourself again, but this time, half dragon. Say three times, "half dragon". Open your eyes and immediately start putting dirt back into the hole.Go get the hose and turn on the water to low and then over the spot were you did the spell, draw with the water a pentagram.

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