Become a Half God/Goddess


Paper cut-out heart-Aphrodite
Cough medicine-Apollo
Toy weapon-Ares and Athena
Pic of ghost-Hades
Pic of plane-Hermes
Pic of thunder/lightning storm-Zeus


This spell will make you have the powers of the God/Goddess of your choice.

Spell Casting

Chant on a full moon,

"Gods and Goddesses here my plea, I would like to have the same powers as (say God/Goddesses name you chose) and be the son/daughter of him/her. But make my life go on the same it has. After I am done chanting make the god appear where I am. And tell me the powers I have been given. This will happen at 12:00pm the day after I chanted this spell, So mote it be."

The next day at 12:00pm the God/Goddess you have chosen will appear where you are and talk to you about your powers. Don't be asleep at that time or else you won't become a half God/Goddess
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