Dawning of the soul


8 black candles
l clear quartz crystal point
1 good knife
a good view of the sunrise at least 20-30 minutes before


This is a basic spell to inspire progress, freedom and confidence in your innate potential.

Spell Casting

First, set up the eight candles around yourself in circle.

Then, on each candle, carve the name of a different negative emotion/thought you have towards yourself and light them.

Cast a circle around yourself.

Hold your crystal in your hands and state "I break the shackles of doubt that bind me, let the days of uncertainty lay behind me. As the sun now unveils it's light, so shall my inner strength rise to day from night."

Turn to each candle, and say " You shall restrict me no more" as you blow them out and focus on that emotion leaving your body.

Now, sit and meditate on all of your good qualities and strengths until the sun has risen, then end the spell by stating " as I do will, so it shall be set".

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