Spirit Catalog: White Orbs


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This isn't a well known spirit type, but my group had encountered this a lot, hope you enjoy this info.

Spell Casting

White Orb


Memory Share: These are storage spirits, they aren't the actual spirit, they basically carry memory thus when touched allows you to see the persons memory.

-Weapon of choice:
None these are very peaceful.

They are normally seen in places a person has become attached, these can be called "inner child" of the person who died. This is something people can interact with, without feeling afraid, they will show you the best parts of a person's life, they are immensely interactive. This would be quiet a treat if you encounter one, but you will need one who is "awake" to view the stored memories.

*Note: These are depicted as sprites, because they are innocent spirits they are like children, they may not have existed physically but they are to be respected just as equally.

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