Spirit Catalog: Grim Reaper


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My group has encountered many spirits, I decided to share some info on certain spirits, this is our data on the "Grim Reaper"

Spell Casting

Grim Reaper



Death's touch- The Grim Reaper can steal people's soul in a single touch, it however only does this for good reasons.

Soul collect- The Grim Reaper, can store souls, he can collect as many living or dead souls he wants.

Teleportation- The Grim Reaper has the ability to appear anywhere it wishes, he can do this at anytime.

-Weapon of choice:
He normally is seen holding a scythe but this is not the case in reality, he uses no actual weapon for he doesn't need one.

Though it is said to be able to move around in different places our encounters have proven otherwise, each country in the world has a different "Grim Reaper" proved by folklore depicting it in many forms, be it Greek, Roman, Japanese, etc. They all have forms of the god of death. We have encountered this spirit once as it took away an evil soul, it is truly a powerful and almighty spirit, it is impossible to seal. Though this spirit is extremely powerful, it is not dangerous the Grim Reaper will not disturb you if you do not disturb it, it follows guidelines and performs its duties.

*Note: Escaping fate or cursing another angers the Grim Reaper something no one wants to do.

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