The Dowsing Pendulum


String/Chain (Either will do as long as you can hang something on it and lift it)
Bead/Crystal/Pendant (It doesn't matter what you hang on the pendulum as long as you can lift it)


The dowsing pendulum, this is normally used as a tool, that is not the proper usage of this, this is a home for a spirit guardian it should be treated with the utmost respect.

Spell Casting

Assemble the Pendulum, the length according to how you want it, perfect the position of the piece, make sure that this is strong because in times of powerful battles this could break.

After assembling is done begin tuning, this is where you find at which point the pendulum jives with you the most, this is the point where you should hold it always.

Now practice dowsing, simple yes and no's, also please be reminded that this is a special item, your guardian spirit is the one moving it so please thank it afterwards.

Note: If you use this power for yourself "The System" will reject you it might not take your power away but put you in a certain situation to teach you a lesson.
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