Lessen the Rain


3 ripe red chilies
3 thin sticks or tree branches or twigs


This spell lessens the rain. It takes time to work so don't be disappointed if the rain doesn't lessen immediately.

Spell Casting

First when you select your chillies select the ripest and the firmest ones. It must be red in color and it must be hot. Close your eyes and let your magical sense take over. Relax and find your inner balance. Hover your hand on top of the chillies and then choose them.

After taking the chillies, select your sticks or twigs or branches. Important: The bottom end of the branches must be strong enough to be stuck upright in soil and the upper end thin enough to pierce the top of the chilli( the end which connects the fruit with the tree). Then pierce the chillies with the sticks

Go outside in the rain and find some soft and moist soil or earth( it can be in a flower pot) But it is necessary that you must be outside in the rain* when you do the spell.

The Chant: Rain, Rain if go,go away or otherwise have these chillies

Hold your sticks with the chillies( completed step 3). Take a deep breadth and imagine a circle of golden light around you. (The circle is common to almost all of the world). Also imagine the rain lessening and the clouds going away. Focus all your intent on it. Holding on to that take hold of a stick in your power hand (the hand with which you write) Chant and then stick the stick or twig in the soil upright in one go.The tip of the chilli must be facing the sky Repeat another two times.

Important: #find really soft soil so that you can stick your chilli stick in one go or otherwise it won't stick upright in the soil. If it happens then take another stick and do the chant. keep the one you used first for the last.

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