Smooth Transition


Cup of spring water
White candle
Quartz Crystal


Do you have mood swings? Do you get angry easy? This is a spell for that.

Spell Casting

Look into the spring water. While doing that think about what you want to change about your temper. Then place the quartz in the water. Now just stand. Feel the earth fill you with energy Then say:

"I am grounded and level
I am strong and stable
Take a deep breath and as you breath out say these words:
I am inspired and light"

Pick up the water and say: "Like this water. I flow easily. Fluid and clear"

Light the candle and say: "I am purified cleansed and filled with passon".

Take the quartz out of the glass and drink the water. Blend the elements and say: "With these elements I face life with ease and grace. So be it"
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