Meus Infantis


Chamomile tea
2 spoonfuls of sugar
Hot water


Makes the child of a pregnant female be yours spiritually and sometimes have your physical traits.

Spell Casting

The child will need to know you while it’s in the womb. Your conscious or unconscious mind will hold the baby in your stomach on the psychic plane. You will be linked to the child in a deeper way than the mother could ever be. This making it also revenge because you’re preventing a mother from truly ever being close to their child.

Drink the tea twice each day for it is the only way you can grow close to the child it is like the milk of your breast to the child. Say this spell after drinking the tea: "Bring to her laughter and joy. Giveth thee a girl or boy. Goddess aid me in such doing: To grace (name of girl) with a baby's cooing. Tiny toes and widened eyes, like a drought I can stop its cries. Control of power is what'll have to be taught. My help and guidance for the child will be sought. Love me like the child loves no other.

I am before grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, sister, brother.Blessed by my hand on all the child shall embark. Blessed by the Goddess may the child bear her mark. By the power of Mother Earth I commit these words into thy soul. By the powers of three times three. As I will it so shall it be."
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