Relaxation Spell


Your favorite incense.
a candle (preferably blue)
Cast a circle


Really not a spell but is somewhat a spell. This is suppose to be a relaxation spell.

Spell Casting


Please take the incense and place it on a open area floor DO NOT LIGHT IT YET!

Candle (Preferable Blue)

Take the candle and also place it by the incense, again DO NOT LIGHT IT YET!

Cast a Circle

Cast a circle to keep negative and stressful energies from getting to you, but make sure its big enough for the ingredients and you to fit in there.


Light the candle and say Spirit wash, spirit flow, relaxation is where I want to go.


Light the incense and say Water flow spirit grow, relaxation is what I want to know.


Imagine a blue energy coming into you, relaxing your body, feel yourself becoming relaxed.
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