Spell to help with faith for spells


One "Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Cristo" or "Sacred Heart of Jesus" Votive candle, prepared, to gain faith, from a latin witch shop called a Botanica or Curanderos (Google Them). (This spell is Santeria, hence the Jesus Christ name, but works for Wicca.)


This spell will help you have perfect faith for any spell, anytime you do any type of spell.

Spell Casting

Buy the candle, make sure it was prepared which is like ten bucks total. Light the candle and say a prayer to the sacred heart of Jesus candle every time you need faith for say an immortality spell or resurrection spell. Here is a typical prayer.

"Sacred Heart of Jesus, help me add faith to my _________ spell. In the name of Jesus I ask you this, Amen."

It sounds cheesy but it does do the trick for Wicca even though it is Santeria.

Note: It has to be purchased, Prepared, or it will not work as well. Also, some of the shops/Botanicas have different types of candles for faith. Ask them for a few. Sometimes there are Holy Death Faith spells and they do the same thing.
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