Full Moon Ritual


Full Moon
Matches or Lighter
Five Tealights/any color
Moonstone or Crystal of some sort
Cloth Strip or Bandage of some sort


A ritual to do during a full moon to ask for the moon's blessing and protection. It works for me but I can't promise it'll work for you. If it doesn't it may be because you aren't concentrating hard enough or you just can't. Sometimes it just serves as way of meditation.

Spell Casting

Place the candles in a pentagram shape and connect them with the lavender to make a star,then use some lavender to circle the star still connecting the candles to make a pentagram(should be big enough to place the goblet and athame in the middle without touching the sides).

To connect:

  • Bottom left to tip
  • Tip to bottom right
  • Bottom right to top left
  • Top left to top right
  • Top right to bottom left

Light the candles in correspondence with the five elements

  • Top right = Air
  • Bottom right = Water
  • Bottom left = Earth
  • Top left = Fire
  • Tip = Spirit

As you light the candles say:

  • Air: "God of Air I call upon you to bless this pentagram with your untold power."
  • Water: "Goddess of Water I call upon you to bless this pentagram with your untold power."
  • Earth:"Goddess of Earth I call upon you to bless this pentagram with your untold power."
  • Fire:"God of Fire I call upon you to bless this pentagram with your untold power."
  • Spirit:"Spirit of the Universe I call upon you to bless this pentagram with your untold power."

Once all the candles are lit fill the goblet halfway with wine and place it in the middle of the pentagram and place the athame in the middle of the pentagram along with the goblet.

Look up at the moon and say: "Mother Moon I look to you this night to ask for your blessing and protection through your next phase of beauty."

Take the athame in your dominate hand and raise it to the moon,extend your other hand in front of you over the goblet,and looking to the moon say:
"Mother Moon I sacrifice eight drops of blood to represent the eight phases of your beauty."

With the athame slice across your hand and let exactly eight drops of your blood fall into the goblet.

Take the moonstone or crystal into the hand that you cut and that hand in you other hand,squeeze the moonstone or crystal in your hands close to your chest as hard as you can without dripping blood all over yourself.

Place the blood-covered jewel in the goblet of wine and say: "As I ask for you blessing I offer you this sacrifice as price for my requests."

Take the goblet in both hands,hold it up to the moon,bring it back to you,and take a drink.(It may not taste very good,sorry)

Put the goblet down in the pentagram again,dip your fingers in the liquid,and trace a star on either your chest or forehead,then touch your fingers to your lips. Clean and bandage your hand,we wouldn't want it to get infected now would we.

Meditate until either the tealights burn out or the wine dries. The longer you meditate the more relaxed you will become.

Take the jewel from the goblet and place it under your pillow and keep it there until the sun rises then was it and keep it somewhere safe until the next time you need it.

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