Revenge spell


A Black candle
2 Red candles
Something to protect you
A dark room
No one else in the room with you
A window
Night Time


This is a spell made by a family member of mine who has long since passed away. I have never used it myself, but I can tell you it works depending on the level of emotion you have towards the person you're using it against, and your belief in the spell, like most spells. Be careful while casting the spell, if cast too wrong, it could backfire. But most of all, ONLY USE THIS SPELL IF THE PERSON WHO YOU WISH TO DO CAST IT ON HAS TRULY WRONGED YOU, AND THERE IS NO BETTER OPTION. If you still want to do it after considering those points, than carry on. I cannot guarantee it will work for you, but I know results are possible.

Spell Casting

The very first thing to do in this spell is make sure you have something to protect you- In this spell, you are literally asking for negative results. You will need some sort of protection, whether it be a random little potion, or an actual full spell, etc. There are many things on this site that you can use.

After that, light the candles. They don't have to be in any particular order, but black first is what I recommend. The room must be dark before you light the candles. Make sure the window is open, even if only enough to let a tiny bit of air in. There must be visible gap between the window and frame, enough to fit a penny through. It can also be fully open, or half, or anything, but it must be OPEN.

While the candles are lit, mediate. Try concentrating on all the negative energies towards this person, whether it be hate, anger, etc... Also, think about what they've done to warrant this spell, how they have wronged you and why they deserve it. Clear everything else out of your mind, and just concentrate on these things. When you feel that is all you have in your mind, then you may proceed.

Focus on the candle. Be aware of the darkness outside of the candle's light. Now, imagine black clouds, swirling through the darkness and around you, almost clinging to your skin, but unseen to the human eye. This is your power, your negative energy.

Now imagine you have complete control over these shadows.
Chant these words. Make sure you have a mental image of the person you are directing them to while reading;

'Anger's sting, rage's power,
Consume my enemy with this negativity of mine.
Let them be stripped of their protective walls,
The pain they gave me will be doubled.
Bad luck be upon he/she who wronged me,
Now my wrath is what they shall feel.'

Imagine the black clouds pulsing, entering your chest and leaving your mouth and out of the window, spreading into the air, as you read the next words.

'So mote it be'.

You may now blow the candles out and turn the light on.
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