A Official Vampire Spell (By RedRockets)


Full Moon (Optional Makes spell stronger}


This is a old working vampire chant, And a working reverse spell, Works on all spells. c;

Spell Casting

Find a space to sit down and relax, Inside or Outside.
Relax and Chant these words, 3 times will make it more powerful exct.
Blood Red

Pale Skin

Moonlight Draw Me In

Quench My Thirst Coarsing Vains

Let My Body Feel No Pain

Side Effects:
Small Fangs
Blood Cravings
Head Aches
Teeth Going Numb
Fang Aches
Children Becoming Vampires No Choice
Senses Are Different
Not Finding Blood And Dying
Not Being Seen In Mirrors
Not Being Seen In Pictures Or Videos
Girls Can't Master Putting Their Makeup on.

Remember think about the spell before attempting.

A way to reverse it is by saying
A spell was cast
Now make it past
Remove it now don't ask me how!! Say that ten times.
Magic spells for everyone, anytime, any occasion.

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