Protection Puppet


Dogwood twigs and shavings
Black thread
An acorn
Black cotton thread & stuffing
Oak leaves
Parsley fern
Birch bark
Nail clippings
Cedar wood
Dragon's Blood ink


A puppet protection spell.

Spell Casting

Perform actual ritual on the Full Moon. Construct the "skeleton" out of dogwood twigs,lashing the twigs together with black thread, using an acorn for the head. I'm used nine herbs, cotton thread & stuffing, eucalyptus, sage, thyme, oak leaves & an acorn, parsley, some dogwood shavings, fern and birch bark. I began consecrating and grinding these items, meditating on the purpose all the while three nights before the full moon.

Mix in nail clippings,hair and some blood (not necessary, I just like to use it on my personal spells). On a piece of birch bark draw the rune of "Ohl" with Dragon's Blood ink roll it up and tie it to the "torso' of the puppet with black thread. Fashion clothes out of your own clothing and apply some of your own hair to the puppet. On the night of the full moon cast your circle and sew the clothes onto the little guy and stuff him. After your done stuffing it, anoint it with cedar wood or another protective oil and placing your puppet on the pentacle on the altar.

Meditate in the purposeand then dedicate it to the south. Incantation: Magic doll, my little friend. Away from me all harm you send. Protect me now through day and night, as I bless you with this rite. All empowered these herbs within. See me safe through thick and thin. Protect me now oh little one. Keep me safe and harm to none. Blessed by the powers of three. As I will, So Mote it Be!

Take the puppet and pass it through the flame to the south, the water to the west, the salt to the North, and the smoke (sandalwood) to the East. After that put it into a white muslin pouch with a black and white agate, some rose petals and a rosemary sprig. On the pouch again draw the rune of Ohl with Dragon's Blood ink. Carry this pouch with you and recharge or change the herbs every so often.
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