Job Attracting Spell


Crystals that correspond with your needs.

Herbs that correspond with your needs.

Sage or salt water to cleanse

A pouch


A spell to help you find not just any job, but a job you can be passionate about.

Spell Casting

Take the crystals you will be using and cleanse them with sage smoke or salt water. (I used quartz, black agate, kyanite, fluorite, cats eye, amazonite, amethyst, obsidian, sodalite, and lodestone)

Place the herbs you'd like to use in the pouch. (Cloves is an especially good one, as you can smell the aroma quite clearly. I also added sesame seeds)

Place the crystals in with the herbs and cleanse it all together once more.

You can keep this with you in your purse, at the top of your bed, or anywhere else you are. Hold it every now and then and suck the energies in, or simply breathe in the aroma of the herbs while thinking of the job you want.
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