A puppet is a doll. It is the shape of a human that is used for magical purposes. They are used in spells to help either you or someone else.

Spell Casting

To make a fabric puppet cut a human outline from two pieces of fabric with their right sides together.It does not need to be detailed. You can keep the hands and feet rounded. If the puppet is to represent you, use a piece of fabric from some of your old clothes.

Sew most of the figure with right sides together. Leave a small area unsewn. Turn it right side out and stuff. You may stuff the figure with batting, tissue, straw, paper, or whatever is handy. You may add herbs, a lock of hair or other personal effect. Sew the hole. You may add button eyes and decorate to personalize.

Do not make puppets of other people unless you have permission. Do not destroy the puppet. If it represents another person, give it to that person to keep it safe. If it was made for binding, bury it.

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