Speak to the Dead


2 white candle(doesn't matter size)
2 small papers
1 pen/pencil


This spell is tested and it always worked for me. This spell works to contact the dead.

Spell Casting

First cast a circle of protection or anything you use for protection.Then light the white candle and concentrate and become hypnotized by the flame. Grab the two small papers and write yes or no on the papers.Underneath the words sketch a pentagram.

Place the papers literally as close as you can fit next to the candle.You now may or may not add salt to the melted candle wax. After ask if a spirit is with us right now yes or no. Follow the flame and if it leans to the yes or no that's your answer.

Continue this. Signs to know you are speaking with a spirit include odd candle position and also rippling, and a downward thrust. Remember after you are done snuff the candle(don't blow it out it will just anger the spirit for disrespect) Close your circle afterwards and call it a night.

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