 Vampier Spell 


•night time


This spell will 100% work if you do it correctly good luck 

Spell Casting

Ok so how to do the spell so you have to so the spell around 10:00pm to 12:00am it just has to be dark out side. You can do this spell out side or inside if you do it inside just be in a quite dark room alone don't worry nothings gana get you  an the same rules apply if you do it out side. (it dosent have to be a full moon) ok here is the spell SPELL Blood red pail skin moon light draw me in quench my thirst coursing veins let my body feel no pain. Say that 10 times Non stop if you mess up just start over again Side effects: head ach and dissyness right after saying the spell your Vampier teath will ach a little The urge to drink blood your sense of smell will become shaper stomach aches eyes may change colors if they hurt right after you say the spell you run a little faster the sun will be a little bit warmer to your skin. You will be more awake at night and tired in the day . Food will tast different. I think that's all MORE INFO Your fangs won't grow longer but sharper. The spell takes 2 weeks. You can not change into a bat or have super speed but you can run a bit faster You can't turn other people into vampires if you bit them. The feeling to drink blood is very controllable. That all Good Luck
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