Emergency Protection From Harm


One Protection From Harm Oil from the Spellsofmagic.com store or from a Botanica (google them in your city).


This spell keeps you from hurting yourself with magick and keeps others from harming you with magick as well.

Spell Casting

Put one drop on your wrist and rub it on your neck like cologne/perfume any way whatsoever, safely, though.

If they are out of stock go to a botanica (google them like this: "Botanica, NYC or your city")

If you don't have a credit card go to a walmart and buy a greendot gift card and put like two bucks into the card and then you can buy items from this store. You can also use paypal I think, they sell paypal cards at walmart. Check first, though.

Again, here is the item in the spellsofmagic.com store: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/shop_details.html?c=O&s=Indio+Oils&id=9060

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