Visualization Meditation


A candle if it helps
Stones if it helps
Your mind


To clear any negativites from your body.

Spell Casting

Begin with deep breaths for about five times, and then imagine that you can see yourself in your head, but instead your transparent and made of glass, and I want you to picture plant roots coming down from your tail bone, going down to the centre of the Earth's Core, and in your mind imagine that the Earths Core is a giant yellow crystal pulsating with energy that is pure and positive, and I want you to imagine the plant roots coming from your tail bone to attach themselves to that big yellow crystal, and then imagine energy pulsating from the crystal up through your roots and going into tour body, fill your transparent self with good pure energy when your transparent self is completely filled with a positive light, imagine that your roots detach themselves from the Earth's Core coming back up to your tail bone. Open your eyes and your done.
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