Ring Around the Candle


Pencil or pen
Turquoise candle
A match (or anything to light the candle with)
Cauldron, (anything that allows something to be safely burned in will do just fine also!)
Carving utensil.


This spell will help with courage. Many of us need a little boost of courage sometimes. Whether it be to present a project at work or school, or stand up to that one bully who will not leave you alone. Without courage boundaries are set up and built that restrict us from what we need and want to do. We will be using the elements Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. The elements air and fire are very quick ways to nip something in the bud, as they eliminate things very quickly. So this spell will be perfect for something you need to happen more soon, than later.

Spell Casting

Take your turquoise candle and carving utensil and carve a line threw the candle. Meaning, start at one point, wrap the line around the candle, and stop where you began. So it creates a ring around the candle. For each thing you wish to have courage for, place a notch on the ring while saying this:

A ring for boundaries, which hold me tight
A candle to burn threw them, with all its light

After you are done with the carving, keep muttering the words above, then take your piece of paper, and write your problem(s) down three times each. Fold it five times while thinking about the future of what will come with this courage. Take the folded piece of paper and light the corner then place it into your cauldron. Say this as you watch the flames:

A ring for boundaries, which hold me tight
A candle to burn threw them, with all its light,
Fire to watch courage burn threw,
Air to take it away and make it new,
Earth to let courage grow to me,
And water to take these restrictions out to sea,
As I will it, so mote it be!

Let the candle burn for three more minutes then take the ashes of your paper to the nearest pond, stream, lake, ect., and sprinkle them into it. Watch them flow away while thinking what the future will be like.
Next, take the wax of the candle that has been burned away and bury it. Either in the woods or in the yard will be just fine!

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