Stone of Luck


1 small stone
1 candle(correct color for desire)
Yarn or string the same color of candle
Salt water
Table salt(iodized or uniodized)
A cloth
Oil(olive,jasmine,or mint)
Bowls(glass or crystal)
Appropriate herbs and incense(optional)


You can use it for anything. Examples: love, health, wealth, etc.

Spell Casting

Light candles and incense. Hold stone in your right hand. Run rock through flame three times. Put into salt water. Cup hands over bowl.Take rock ouut of salt water and sprinkle herbs on it. put rock into dry bowl.Get rock out and sprinkle with oil then put back.Sprinkle salt on rock. Wrap rock in cloth and tie with the yarn or string and leave for at least 24 hours. Let candle and incense burn out on its own; leave rock (wrapped), incense, and candle together.
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