Death Note no. 4


One red poppet of the person's sex (make the triange on the bottom of doll piece to make a girl)
One Death Sigil (made with the instructions here)
Some paper
Bat's Blood
1 cauldron or burn proof bowl


A spell to cause someone's death.

Spell Casting

This is a hoodoo spell that I made up that might work for those who are interested in modern hoodoo spell, made from yours truly.

First you get two pieces of clothe and draw a person on it. The one without the triangle is a guy and the other with the triangle on the bottom top part of its legs is a girl with a skirt on. Sew it until you make a slot and stuff it with cotton balls. Then sew it off. Now cut the hole into the chest of the poppet

Now, go to the sigil generator by 17hex (google it) or make your own sigil using this example. Nom Down the Hotdog -- NmDwths.

Then put it on the small paper (joss works best, wish paper works second) using Bat's blood ink and sew it up inside the doll. Burn the doll in the cauldron and say, "Gods and Goddesses of Death, I welcome you to my working and to help with the disposal of _____"

Then watch the doll burn into ashes. If you don't have time put the cover on it and let it burn. No wonder grills make great cauldrons!
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